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About Match Me Canada

Match Me Canada is a matchmaking service based out of Toronto, Ontario. They're an old-school service with a modern approach. They've combined traditional matchmaking with dating trends and online platforms to give you the very best experience.

Our Analysis

If you're a Canadian looking online for a matchmaker, you've probably come across Match Me Canada. They're one of the top matchmaking services in Canada and have been around since 2009.

What we like about Match Me is their multi-faceted approach to matchmaking. They know it's about more than just finding the right match, which is why they offer a number of supporting services such as profile writing and 1-on-1 coaching. It's clear they want their clients to be in the right mindset for dating and they're prepared to do what they can to help get them there.

Match Me Canada has a number of positive reviews online, many of which praise how easy the process is and how wonderful it is working with their founder, Rebecca Cooper Traynor. We've included some standout reviews below. The company has grown since 2009 and now has a team of four, including an Introduction Specialist and a Fulfillment Coach.

We appreciate how much effort their team puts into educating their clients, which is evident by their activity on LinkedIn, YouTube and their blog. Their content covers everything from first date anxiety to finding deep and meaningful love.

In our opinion if you're looking for a matchmaker in Canada, you should definitely check out Match Me Canada.

Why you should trust us.

We're a team of photographers, copywriters and marketers with a common goal - make online dating suck less. We offer services to optimize your dating profiles to maximize your matches, improve your conversion rate and meet better people.

Match Me Canada Reviews

There are a number of great reviews online, but these are the ones that impressed us most:

I have had a great experience with this company, after many failed attempts on my own (joining various dating apps) not work, I decided to try match me canada and it was the best decision of my life. I met with Rebecca, walked around downtown and discussed what I was looking for and although it did take time to find the right person (over a year), as soon as I connected on the phone with my dating match (now my fiancee), we instantly knew it was the perfect connection. We very quickly got exclusive and 8 months into our dating relationship we were engaged. I would suggest this company to any professional person would is serious about meeting another quality individual. They are professional but you have to be patient as they narrow down to the right fit for you.
Diana S.
February 28, 2022
I have had a great pleasant experience with Match Me. The owner Rebecca is extremely professional, friendly, and one can sense that she genuinely is interested in your story and wanting to help. I even made a lifetime friend from one of the matches. Although I ended up meeting my husband elsewhere, I highly recommend Rebecca and her team's superb service to anyone who wants to give old fashioned matchmaking a try.
Beimeng C.
February 25, 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Match Me Canada based?

Match Me Canada is based out of Toronto Ontario in Canada.

Who is the team at Match Me Canada?

The team behind Match Me Canada is Rebecca Cooper Traynor (Founder, Date Coach & Online Dating Expert), Carrie Taylor (Introduction Specialist) and Susy Fonseca (Life Fulfillment Coach).

What services does Match Me Canada offer?

Match Me Canada offers a modern matchmaking service that offers a number of solutions for their clients. From 1-on-1 private coaching calls, to date & relationship coaching.


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