Online Dating Photography in Seattle, WA.


We specialize in high-converting dating profile pics. Our approach is backed by testing & data. We also provide pose & expression coaching, bio copywriting and more.

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Rated 4.9 out of 5 (1,000+ clients)
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tinder photographer
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Seattle, Washington

Online Dating Photography in Seattle, WA.

We specialize in high-converting dating profile pics. Our approach is backed by testing & data. We also provide pose & expression coaching, bio copywriting and more.

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Rated 4.9/5 (from +1000 clients)
tinder photographer
tinder photographer
tinder photographer
tinder photographer
tinder photographer
tinder photographer
tinder photographer
tinder photographer
Get a dating profile optimized for Seattle and surrounding areas.
"Matched with my new partner literally the next day after switching my photos."

- Darnell F

Dating photography in
Seattle, WA

Photography for all your dating profiles. 📸

Your photos are the most important part of your dating profile. So if you're using low-effort, low-quality profile photos, you're not going to have a great time. Unfortunately, most people don't have great hero shots of themselves that show them at their best.

  Not getting the matches you deserve?
  Don't have great photos of yourself?
  Not into taking Instagram selfies?
  Recently single or divorced?
We build the best dating profiles in

Get the best dating photos in Seattle.

That's where we come in. We specialize in working with beginners to showcase all the best parts about them. From their eyes, to their unique personality. We can help you build a dating profile that's real, authentic and effective for the Washington area.

  Get new photos that look incredible
  Show your charm, charisma & confidence
 Stand out from all the bathroom selfies
 Instantly improve your match rate
We're laser-focused on results.

What kind of results can you expect to see?

📈  Increased Match Ratio
Most clients see a noticeable increase in the very first week, and your new match rate should stabilize by week 2-3.
😍  Higher Quality Matches
Match with people you're actually excited to talk to. Level the playing field and meet people in your league (or above).
👨‍🔬  Algorithm Improvements
When your match rate goes up, the algorithm will automatically start showing your profile to more people.
💬  Better Conversations
Tired of starting conversations only to get 1-word answers? A fine-tuned profile turns your charisma score to +10.
🥂  More Dates
Turn matches into dates more easily, and start meeting up with fun, interesting people on the regular.
👻  Less Ghosting
Conversation going great, then all of a sudden... *poof*? You won't be the profile they want to ghost anymore.
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We've analyzed the top profiles in
Rain City

We take a data-driven approach to photography.

After we deliver the photos, we measure the results of each of our clients. This helps us figure out exactly what photos are resonating in the Seattle area, which allows us to tailor our approach even better for future clients.

How do you measure results?

We've worked with well +1,000 clients since 2018. In this time, we've learned a LOT about what works (and what doesn't). We continuously try to improve our understanding of effective dating photography, including:

  • Conducting local surveys from both men and women
  • Asking people to swipe & walk us through their process
  • Using sites like Photofeeler to test photos
  • Hiring panels of people to vote on photos

Dating apps don't have built-in analytics, so we've built a custom testing framework that shows our clients how to measure the performance of their photos.

After 6 weeks we follow up to learn what worked (and what didn't). This helps us better understand current trends, seasonality, location factors and more. It also helps us fine-tune our approach, allowing future clients to benefit from the learnings.

What photos work best for dating?

After all our research we've developed a recipe that produces high-performance dating profiles. It's not rocket science, but here's the secret sauce:

  1. Your photos must be believable & authentic. No heavy filters or touch-ups. No external lights, flashes, studios or soft boxes. Don't pose too much. Don't act unnatural.
  2. You have to laugh & smile. In almost every test we've ever performed, the smiling photos typically perform 2x better. That's why have a LOT of fun on our shoots to make sure you're laughing and smiling naturally.
  3. You have to show confidence & charisma. Nothing is more attractive than these two elements combined. We'll coach you through the proper body language and facial expressions, to help you communicate this naturally.

Basically, people just want to see that you're a good, trustworthy person. They want to see that you have a life (hobbies, career, etc.) and they want to know they're going to be safe with you.

We'll find all of your best angles and photograph you looking your very best. Your photos will showcase all of your best assets, while highlighting your charm, personality and confidence.

What kind of photos do you take?

Our style is often referred to as "candid lifestyle". It's natural, unposed, unstaged, authentic and in the moment.

It's not supposed to look like you hired someone to take photos of you all day. Instead it will look like you were out enjoying your day, and one of your friends just happened to snap a photo with their fancy camera.

We're going to be your best friend on shoot day.

We'll get you to laugh, open up and not take yourself so seriously. These natural laughs will help the photos look authentic and genuine.

We also let you change outfits during the shoot, giving you multiple different looks from one session. Each time you change your outfit, we'll bring you to a new backdrop nearby that suits what you're wearing.

When the shoot is done you'll have a private gallery of authentic, high-converting photos to use on your dating apps.

There's so many photographers...

Why work with us?

Here's a few key reasons you should work with us to optimize your dating profiles.


+1k Profiles Optimized

We've helped over 1000 clients optimize their profiles, collecting data & insights along the way.


Proven Formula

We'll show you exactly how to structure your profile for the best results. We're always optimizing.


Bio Copywriting

Our copywriter will write a witty, original bio to make your dating profile even better.


Guides & Resources

Get access to our member portal where we share detailed guides & tips to increase conversions.


Expression Coaching

We'll provide coaching on posing & facial expressions to ensure your photos look amazing.


Fast Turnaround

Want more matches fast? Most of our shoots are wrapped up and delivered in less than a week.


Rated 4.9 / 5

We ask for feedback every step of the way to make sure you're having an incredible experience.


Secure & Confidential

Bookings are 100% confidential. We won't share your photos unless you give us explicit permission.

Photos optimized for all major dating apps

We're proud to offer a

Super simple process.

Dating shouldn't be this difficult. When you sign up we'll take care of everything, including a detailed onboarding, preparation guides, shoot reminders and more.


1. Book Online

Find a time/date in our calendar that works for your schedule. Can book 6 weeks in advance.


2. Get Photographed

We're great with beginners, so we'll coach you on areas like posing & facial expressions.


3. Implement

We guide you how to structure your photos & custom bio for the best results possible.


4. Test & Optimize

We teach you how to measure & optimize your profiles so you can find your upper limit.

The best backdrops in

We're centrally located in Seattle.

All start all of our photoshoots near Pioneer Square in Seattle. This is the perfect area to capture authentic, lively urban portraits that don't look too staged. We might get shots of you sipping a latte at Zeitgeist Coffee, or enjoying the old-school charm of Occidental Square. Or even just walking to work through the city with your laptop in hand.

Where do the shoots take place?

We kick off our photoshoots from the Pioneer Square area of Seattle. This area has a wide variety of backdrops in a short 6-block walking radius. From cafes, to character buildings, to parks, to urban graffiti and corporate high-rises. This area has a little bit of everything, which will help us capture authentic photos for your dating profile.

Who is the photographer?

Hi, I'm Madison! 👋

My name is Madison and I am a photographer based in Seattle. I grew up in the Southwest and love the contrast that Seattle has brought to my life.

I love making people feel confident and seen. Even if it’s your first time in front of a camera, I’ll provide a safe space to help you look and feel amazing!

I have been a photographer for over half my life! After watching my older sibling take photography courses in high school, I started taking photography seriously. When I entered high school, I took every photo class I could and never looked back. I continued through college and have worked in the photography industry ever since. It has been the only profession I could see myself in and it has brought me so many incredible experiences during my career!

When I see someone I'm going to photograph, I immediately begin taking mental notes about their expressions and angles. I think it's just in my nature at this point to see people in their proverbial and actual best light.

I don't think you can overstate how much a good portrait can mean to people. Showing someone how I see them, and how much confidence that can give them, is the best part of my job. Capturing that look that your loved ones know so well - that look that people fall in love with - and sharing that with others, is a really special responsibility to me.

"I typically hate photos of myself, so I was dreading my photoshoot...

Not only did the photos turn out great (I seriously can't believe I look that good), but the whole experience was top-notch.

The photoshoot was a blast. Plus all the little details like the onboarding emails, testing and execution guides, tips on what to wear, the copywriting...

This was my best investment of 2020.
I'd recommend this to anyone."

Marcus, 29

You don't have to go alone.

Our team is with you every step of the way.

From photography to copywriting, our team will help you build a high-performance dating profile that's designed to get matches. We're at your service before, during and after your shoot to ensure you have a fantastic experience.
Justin Veenema Photo - Shoot Director
Justin Veenema Photo - Shoot Director
Vanessa Copywriter Photos For Tinder
Vanessa Copywriter Photos For Tinder
& Copywriter
Justin Veenema Photo - Shoot Director
Shoot Manager
"Since the shoot, I get at least 50 matches/week and 2-3 dates/week."
Photos For Tinder Review Guy Suit
"Definitely an all-star experience, and the photos are incredible."
Spencer Photos For Tinder Review
"The shoot was the perfect mix of urban backdrops and natural settings. The end results were STUNNING."
Lyssa - Photos For Tinder Review Client Woman
"...guided me on how to position myself and how to bring out my facial expressions in a natural manner."
Oliver Photos For Tinder Review Client New York
"Great experience all around!" 🙏
John Photos For Tinder Review
"... made the process smooth and less awkward as I was nervous about having my first photoshoot"
Hemant Photos For Tinder Review
"Madison was totally awesome and amazing in every way!"
Maple Valley, WA
"Fantastic - friendly, creative, thorough, positive/comfortable."
Seattle, WA
"Super friendly and engaging. Forgot to be nervous."
Seattle, WA
"Madison was very professional and made the atmosphere very relaxed! The overall experience was a lot less scary than I originally imagined. I really appreciated how she paused to take pictures when others were walking by - it made the entire photoshoot so much less intimidating!"
Bellevue, WA
"Madison was great! She was well prepared, took me to some great locations and was wonderful to work with. And the photos are great!"
Seattle, WA
"Very professional end2end experience from the website to the regular emails and the photoshoot. The photoshoot was painless and enjoyable for a beginner like me!"
Bellevue, WA
Very energetic, professional! It was great and fun working with Madison.
Seattle, WA
"Madison was very friendly, and did an amazing job at finding locations that looked good on that day. I am normally not a photo person and the photoshoot went super smoothly. Obviously, the photos themselves turned out to be great. Thanks!"
Seattle, WA
"Madison was great to work with!"
Seattle, WA


Choose the package that works best for your goals.


📸 Starter

Enough to get you started
5 Edited Images

Images will be edited to "pop". This includes color, sharpness, blemishes and aspect ratio.

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30 Minute Session

We will guide you through the whole thing, including posing & facial expression coaching.

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1 Outfit

You can bring 1 outfit to the shoot.

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Implementation Guide

A step-by-step guide with examples to teach you how to implement & test your photos for the best results possible.

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Get started →

🚀 All-Star

Our all-inclusive package.
30 Edited Images

Images will be edited to "pop". This includes color, sharpness, blemishes and aspect ratio.

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90 Minute Session

We will guide you through the whole thing, including posing & facial expression coaching.

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4-5 Outfits

You can bring 4 or 5 outfits. Make sure to wear your first outfit to the shoot, then we'll do the outfit changes throughout the session to switch up your look. This gives your profile some variety and makes it look like the photos were taken on different days.

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Implementation Guide

A step-by-step guide with examples to teach you how to implement & test your photos for the best results possible.

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Custom Dating Bio  🔥

📝 Our copywriter will learn about you & write an original, custom bio for your online dating profiles.

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All Raw Images 🔥

Download ALL original, unedited photos from the shoot (200-500 photos). Downloads available in either RAW or JPEG formats.

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Dating Coach Consult

Get a FREE 15-minute consultation with Kimberly Hill; recently awarded Top 10 Dating Coach in North America and host of The Self-Confidence Project.

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Get started →


Increase matches

Most clients see a 20-300% increase in the first week.


Look confident

Photos that show your charm, charisma & confidence


Meet more people

Add a few more date nights to your weekly routine.


Secure & confidential

We won't share your photos unless you say we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get that this is kind of a new concept, but we're here to answer any questions you have along the way. Check out our detailed FAQ  or get in touch with our team.
Should I hire an online dating photographer?
If you want to get more matches on online dating apps, consider hiring a photographer that specializes in dating profile photography. We put the research and testing in to see what works (and what doesn't). We can help you get a high-converting profile that will make you love dating again.
What are the best photos for dating in Seattle?
The best photos for online dating in Seattle are candid, authentic and unstaged. They have great lighting & contrast, good colors and put the emphasis on your charm, charisma and confidence. They look effortless; not try-hard.
Do you shoot in Kirkland, Renton, Bellevue, etc.?
We work with clients all over Washington, but we do our photoshoots in the same area of town each time. We know Alki beach like the back of our hands, so we know all the best backdrops and lighting to help you maximize your shoot and get as many useable photos as possible.
Why hire an online dating photographer?

Because every online dating app prioritizes photos. You could look like Brad Pitt in real life, but if your photos suck and people can't see that - then you're not going to be matching with many people.

Most people don't have great photos. So we scrap together whatever old photos we can find, add in a few bathroom selfies and hope for the best. We know these awkward photos don't do us justice, but it's all we have.

An online dating photographer will help showcase all your best features. They'll highlight your charisma, charm and confidence. The'll find all your best angles, help you look natural and deliver stunning photos that will stop people in their tracks.

Is this service right for me?

Do you feel like you're getting the matches you deserve? Do you find yourself endlessly swiping and only getting a few matches?

We work with men and women of all ages, orientations and backgrounds. And while we think everyone could benefit from having great photos of themselves, there's a few areas where photos can really make a difference:

  • Recently single or divorced: We get it. The last 5 years of your life were spent with your ex, so every photo has them in it. You're getting back into shape, trying new things, but your photos are old and tired. We can help you.
  • Brand new to online dating: This feels like a whole new world. Where do you even begin? Don’t sweat it - it’s not as complicated or scary as you think. We can show you the ropes and make sure your profile is set up for success.
  • You're super career focused: You have your shit together and are building a life that you're proud of. You're not spending your days snapping instagram photos with friends. You don't have time, desire or patience to take the perfect selfie.
Do you offer any other dating services?

Our core offering is dating photography, but we have a few more related services that might help.

Bio Copywriting - Our copywriter Vanessa is a pro at writing witty, high-converting bios for dating profiles. This is included in our Pro and All-Star packages, or can be purchased separately here.

Better Matches Academy (Coming soon) - We're building an online learning resource that shows you how to optimize your dating profile for the best results possible.

How does the bio copywriting work?

Fill out a short survey and our copywriter will create a 100% custom, original bio for your dating profiles. Choose the tone, tell us what kind of person you're trying to attract and we'll take care of the rest.

Do you only work with men?

Nope! 20% of our clients are women who want to improve the overall quality of their matches. We believe everyone deserves to find connection and love.


FAQ's about the photoshoot process.
What if I've never had a photoshoot before?

Don't sweat it! We're great with beginners.

For 90% of our clients this is their first photoshoot. e've taken extra steps to ensure you are well prepared and comfortable for your shoot, including:

  • We send you onboarding emails that cover what to expect, poses, etc.
  • We give recommendations on what to bring & wear
  • We coach you through the shoot, including poses & facial expressions
  • We put you in realistic poses (ie. not super artsy or awkward). Can you stand, sit or hold a cup of coffee? If so you'll be a natural!
  • We give you real-time feedback on how to look more natural and authentic

We're experts at working with beginners. In fact, most clients end up telling us how much fun they had on their shoot. We also routinely get clients who re-book with us simply because they enjoyed the first experience so much.

Bottom line? You're in good hands.

What if I'm not photogenic?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. Trust us, everyone has a good side. You just haven't worked with a photographer who is dedicated to finding yours.

Our superpower is being able to break people out of their shells and make them smile, laugh and look confident on camera.

You don't need to be a professional model. We'll coach you through poses and facial expressions to help you natural and confident. We can make normal, everyday people look fantastic in photos.

What should I bring / wear to my shoot?

We ask clients to bring a few changes of clothes in a duffel bag so we can switch up their look throughout the shoot.

We will photograph you in the outfit that you'll arrive in, then you'll do two outfit changes during your session. We recommend bringing a few different looks:

  1. Date Night
    If you were taking a date out for the first time, you probably already know what you're going to wear. Maybe a button-up shirt, your favourite pair of chinos? Maybe a jacket? This is going to look different for everyone, but this is the one outfit you should plan to do the majority of shooting in.
  2. Casual Saturday
    Some of the photos that seem to work best for our clients on dating apps are the casual pics. These are the photos were our clients typically feel like they're themselves; confident in their own skin. Bring a T-shirt or Henley, pair of jeans/khakis and your favourite sneakers. Basically whatever you would wear to meet up with your friends for beers on a Saturday.
  3. Wild Card
    You can have fun with this last outfit. For some people, they have a favourite hobby (like guitar, yoga, gym, juggling, etc.). For others, they might have a great career that they want to include in their shoot (ie. if you're a developer maybe some shots of you working on your laptop in a coffee shop, or if you're a real estate agent maybe dressing up in a suit and tie).

    If we can work it into your shoot without it looking too forced/cheesy, we'll do it. For example, if you're in really good shape you might think a photo of you posing in a tank-top would do well. Unfortunately, this is going to look "try hard" and could probably backfire (especially in The Six).

    Instead, we'd get a photo of you in a tighter t-shirt, with your gym bag over your shoulder, walking through an alleyway confidently smiling. This shows that you're really into fitness without being overly obvious about it.
Where will I change my outfits?

Outfit changes are quick and easy. We just hop into a local coffee shop (such as the one we're meeting you at) and use the restroom. Or if you prefer, you can do the outfit changes. inyour car.